Water Filters for Purer Waterure water as nature intended

They say, “Water is the gift of life”. But did you know pipework that brings water to your home could be up to 70 years old? Often this pipework can be made from old cast iron and lead that are heavily eroded and in need of replacement. Imagine some rust or lead leakage in your drinking water.

We believe that fluoride should not be added to drinking water without your consent.  That’s why we have developed the best water filter system for your home and business.

In this post, you’ll learn three reasons why a water filter system might be the perfect fit for you.

Fluoride and Chlorine-free Water

Although originally used for cleaning drinking water chlorine is classed as a pesticide. That’s because chlorine is designed to kill micro-organisms found in the water supply. It doesn’t belong inside the human body!

Our filter removes chlorine, chemicals and odours at every outlet in your house so you can protect your family from harmful exposure. Fluoride is another chemical used in pesticides designed to kill organisms. Countless studies have highlighted the dangers of this controversial chemical.

So, while you take care of your own dental hygiene we remove Fluoride from your water. Through the removal of these harmful contaminants, you can enjoy water that tastes and smells better.

Protect pipes, plumbing and Home appliances

Have you ever experienced scale build up inside your electric kettle? Often this type of hard murky water doesn’t taste good due to limescale. Our Water Filter systems significantly reduce scale build up in your household and business appliances.  Filtered water helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of items like Coffee machines, washing machines and dishwashers.

Moreover, water with high levels of calcium and magnesium cause scale build up in your piping system. This results in extra costs to heat water due to inefficiency caused by scale. Filtered water means far fewer instances of corrosion, blockages and the resulting repair work.

Who wouldn’t want to save money on heating while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum?

Better tasting and healthier

Water is key to maintaining good health. With our water filter, you can sleep easier knowing you have the safest drinking water available 24/7. Customers have noticed these positive differences after installing our Water filters. You can enjoy filtered water that is better for your skin, hair and overall health.

We believe everyone should have access to pure drinking water. Filtered water also makes for healthier cooking and better-tasting tea and coffee. Why buy bottled mineral water when you can have better water on tap.

Filtered water today

If you’ve been worrying about the issue with substandard tap water then our Water Filters could be the best option for you. Nobody wants nasty chemicals like fluoride and chloride in their water. We have many satisfied testimonials and a free tailored quotation to help you choose.

With a 10 Year Warranty on our domestic and commercial water filter systems, the optimum solution is here. It’s time to rediscover water the way nature intended.

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