My name is Michael Gleeson. I’m a content marketing writer at my consultancy Ascribex.

I specialise in B2B Construction Industry writing having a decade of professional experience in this sector. That makes me ideally placed to create content that is nuanced to industry terminology, technical language, and context.

Whether to industry leaders or clients, my experience can translate into engaging customers and building trust in your brand.

The world of content marketing certainly isn’t a static one. That’s why I believe in building a content strategy that looks over the horizon, gauging and understanding ‘what should be said’ and ‘why’.

Whether B2B Construction Industry content or beyond,

I can help:

→ Draft keyword content for higher ranking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

→ Write website and blog articles, content strategy, white papers, case studies and more

Propel your content to create copy that actually sells

→ Make your website or blog a trusted expert voice for your industry

→ Assess existing content for strategy and SEO effectiveness

With a more regular working relationship, I can offer helpful advise and counsel to your business. As the saying goes ‘’a problem shared is a problem halved’’.

If this sounds like an ideal solution please get in touch.