Purer water with Water Filters

3 Benefits of Water Filters

They say, ‘’Water is the gift of life’’. But did you know the pipework that brings drinking water to your home could be up to 70 years old?

Pipework is often made from cast iron and lead that are heavily eroded and in need of replacement. Mains water can also contain chemicals that should be removed for better health. Not all water is made equal.

A water filter can ensure you get the best quality water you deserve. In this post, we’ll discuss 3 benefits of water filters for your home or business.

Fluoride and Chlorine-free Water

Chlorine is used to clean drinking water and is classed as a pesticide. It kills micro-organisms found in the water supply but doesn’t belong in the human body. Fluoride is another man-made pesticide. Some countries still insist on adding it to the water supply for dental hygiene. Yet many studies have highlighted its dangers. Water filters remove fluoride and chlorine at every outlet in your property so you’re protected from harmful exposure.

Protect Pipes, Plumbing and Home Appliances

Have you ever experienced scale or mineral build-up inside your electric kettle? Often this type of murky water doesn’t taste good due to limescale. Filtered water improves the lifespan of coffee machines, washing machines and dishwashers.

Scale build-up in the piping is caused by calcium and magnesium in the water. This can lead to increased costs for heating water. The good news is filtered water results in less corrosion, blockages and repair work in your property.

Healthier and Better Tasting

Water is the key to maintaining good health. Everyone should have access to pure drinking water. Filtered water is better for your skin, hair and overall health. It also makes for healthier cooking and better-tasting tea and coffee. Why buy bottled mineral water when you can have better water on tap? Whether it’s for home or business, you can sleep easier knowing you have the safest drinking water available 24/7.

Specialist Water Filtration

O2 Water Filters are experts in all types of water filtration for domestic and commercials properties. Our installations are to the highest standards and we only work with the industry leading suppliers. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team and rediscover water the way nature intended.

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