Hey there,

I'm Michael Gleeson a certified content marketer for B2B brands. When I’m not in the writing mix I enjoy hiking, travelling and learning the ways of the world

I worked for a decade as a construction cost consultant. But those days of Excel spreadsheets just didn't cut the creative grade. That’s why my experience makes me ideally placed to translate B2B gobbledygook into knockout content.

I’m also a guest blogging graduate who can wow B2C audiences. But that’s enough about me.

Short form content with keyword stuffing doesn’t work. People and search engines expect quality content.

Yet sometimes even epic content is not enough.

My guess is you want results (ROI). You want content that drives traffic, leads and revenue.

I’m here to help you create cornerstone content in your niche - long-form content that rises above the rest.

A bit like the tallest skyscraper.

How? Jargon-busting in-depth content that shatters cynicism and resonates with your audience. It's simply content that's more useful than anything else out there.

I've written on health, sustainability, construction, architectural finishing's, IT, building M&E, and self development to name a few.

If you need memorable, in-depth, data-rich content with a sprinkle of humour, I'm your answer.

Let me take the hassle out of your content creation.

I can help:

- Draft keyword content for higher ranking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

- Make your website or blog a trusted expert voice for your industry or niche

- Assess existing content for SEO and strategy effectiveness

- Write website and blog articles, content strategy, white papers and case studies

- Write compelling web copy that sells

Communicate Your Value - Connect With Your Customers

Increase Your Revenue